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Beyond conscientious internal operations, Facebook strives to deliver a platform that helps professional environmental advocates and concerned global citizens come together to organize, fundraise and educate.

We’re proud of our ongoing commitment to clean operations and are always working to reduce our global footprint. Highlights from ongoing 2010 efforts are below.




    • Facebook encourages recycling and composting throughout our facilities of as much packing, packaging and other waste materials as possible. The net benefits of our efforts have eliminated 294 tons of CO2 Emissions, comparable to taking 59 mid-sized cars off the road.


  • Facebook’s various water conservation efforts have reduced our water consumption by nearly 60%, or the equivalent of more than 28 Olympic-sized swimming pools annually. These efforts include Auto/Dual flush toilets (96% savings over older toilets and 26% savings compared to low-flow models), motion sensor faucets (70% reduction in water usage over regular faucets), drought tolerant landscapes and xeriscaping (Reduces landscape water use by 50-70%) and Smart Environment Irrigation Controller (Reduces landscape water use by 50-70%).
  • Facebook’s green transportation program offers shuttles, car and vanpooling, bike racks and subsidized public transportation for employees. These shared, public and green rides are used by more than 40% of our employees, removing the equivalent of 839 mid-sized cars off the road.




    • Programming language designed by our engineers – HipHop for PHP – provides 50% CPU savings. This savings means we can do the same amount of work with half the number of servers, resulting in fewer computers to be manufactured and delivered and significantly less overall energy usage.


  • Facebook has invested in motion sensor controlled lighting (reduces energy consumption by 60%) and compact fluorescent and photo cell exterior lighting (reduces energy consumption by ~75% compared to standard lighting) for our offices and other facilities. These measures havesaved enough electricity to power 330 homes for a year.
  • Photos is one of Facebook’s most popular features. To date, people have uploaded over 15 billion photos. To help store photos more efficiently, we build Haystack, which hashelped Facebook use almost 20% less power than industry standard storage architecture.



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